I was first licensed as a Technician in November 2006. I recieved my Amateur Extra license in January 2012. My HF rig is the Yaesu FT-450AT. It seems to be a very good radio for what it cost. The antenna tuner seems to work pretty well but can't quite tune on all frequencies (I am using a G5RV antenna). I recently got a LDG AT-200 ProII tuner and it works magic.

My Shack

Yaesu FT-450AT
Yaesu FT-89900R
Yaesu VX-8DR
Power Supply:
LDG AT-200Pro II
SWR Meter:
Built in
Daiwa CN-103L
MFJ 1702C
LMR 400
Maldol EX-510


A picture of the G5RV antenna set up on the roof. I just have a piece of PVC holding up the feed point of the antenna and then the antenna is strung out to two opposing trees. I will be moving the antenna this summer. I am also hoping to get some more height on it.


I brought my FT-8900R in the house from my car. I am going to hook it up with my TNC-X for APRS/data. Because I wanted my antenna on the car to stay for use with my HT (VX-8DR) I had to build a 2m antenna. I am thinking about doing a 1/4 wave ground plane antenna that is tuned for 144.39MHz. During the building process I changed the antenna to 146MHz so I could use it well on the whole 2m band. I have also built a 70cm ground plane. Both antennas are built but not installed or tuned. I build them from a SO-239 connector and some 12AWG wire.

I picked up a Daiwa CN-103L SWR & power meter to tune the antennas. It is good from 140~525MHz. I am planing on getting a diplexer and use the one feedline to run 2m and 70cm antennas.

Here is a picture of the completed 2m antenna prior to being tuned an installed on the roof. I drilled a hole in a PVC cap and stuck the threads of the SO-239 connector through ran coax to it and screwed it to a PVC pipe. I then bent the ground leads to a 45 degree angle.

I am wiring all power connectors with Anderson Power Poles. They are the standard today in amateur radio and it makes it very easy to swap equipment around. It seems the best idea is to have a bank of open connectors with 13.8v in the house and in the car.